36+ The Blue White Space Rug Living Room Diaries

There are many ways you can do to make the living room look attractive, one of which is by applying blue. Combined with white and blue, it will make the living room in your home feel more comfortable.

The combination of the two colors is very fitting to give a sense of comfort in the living room. You can choose a dark blue gradation and use it as an accent while you should apply white as the base color or the main color of the living room. You can present the dark blue color through the presence of sofa furniture.

Next, combine it with a white coffee table and all parts of the wall which are also white. The atmosphere seems calm, the living room looks more spacious and comfortable for anyone who is active in it. Add brown color for the floor so that the living room atmosphere looks balanced. Create a sweeter impression by displaying some accessories such as flowers, paintings, and standing lamps.

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