40+ The Do This, Get That Guide On Minimalist White Winter Room Ideas

White walls inspired by winter are in great demand, especially for minimalist home room designs. White walls can give the impression of being lighter and relieved. However, if the walls are white with an all-white interior, it can feel bland or too bright. Especially if you want to arrange a living room with furniture and decorations that are also dominant in white.

Interior designer Eleanor Busing does say, white paint is the most versatile color, especially when it comes to walls. “I agree that white can be seen as a one-size-fits-all, serving as a backdrop for a space filled with interest and personality. No matter the style, whether it’s classic and cozy, to clean and contemporary, only white works,” says Busing, reported by Apartment Therapy.

White is also an easy choice of paint to get. But you need to consider in arranging a white-walled room to keep it warm. Here are tips for arranging the living room of a minimalist house with white walls, to keep it warm, reported by Urban Rhythm.

Add green to a winter white room

The presence of plants can bring a vibe to any space. can bring indoor plants into the living room. The green variety of the plant’s leaves can be a stark contrast to the white. If using a neutral palette, try using pots of the same color.

Wood feel

Natural wood color with white walls is very suitable. If you want your living room to feel warm, instead of choosing white or gray wood, choose a warmer color like brown.

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Choose metal accents for a white winter room

Metal accents such as copper and brass can not only add warmth to the room, but can also add to the impression of luxury. no need to put a lot of metal, can with just a metal frame on the coffee table. Or a floor lamp in the corner, or a small collection of candles on a side table can increase the energy of the living room.

Introduce textures

The white-walled living room feels warm with a natural sisal fiber rug. Because the living room is without texture, it can only look flat and give the impression that something is missing. For that, it is important to put textured furniture or architectural features. It can be a woven sofa or an accessory in furniture. Texture can also be introduced in finishing touches, such as a stone fireplace or wood flooring.

The color match

If an all-white Scandinavian interior doesn’t suit you, try adding accessories. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to warm a living room. To add color, does not mean adding brightly colored accessories. Natural browns, grays or blues all work well with white and help make the space more dynamic.

Black mix

Incorporating a touch of black into the interior does not mean it will appear monochrome. As with metal accents, a bit of black contrasts with white. If you feel black is too strong for the living room, opt for mocha wood like a Luca coffee table, or dark blue or gray tones. As is known, author Leo Babauta said, even though the concept of a minimalist house, it still must have character, provide fun, and live. He even felt a sense of satisfaction when he looked around and saw that the house was free from chaos.

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