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Mason jars is certainly not an unfamiliar item anymore. This multipurpose jar is easy to find and can be used as anything, including for daily needs. Starting from drinking glasses, flower vases, cake jars, and many more.

However, it turns out that the mason jar has several purposes that shame to miss. There are many creations we can make with a mason jar. For those of you who want to decorate your house, the mason jar is also suitable for decoration. Here are some mason jar creations that you might try.

Mason Jars as plant pot

Mason jar will be very unique if it is used as a plant pot, especially for indoor plants. Whether installed on the edge of the window, on a table, or hung on the wall, everything will look beautiful.

Mason Jars as aromatic candles

Mason jar can also really be an aromatherapy candle holder. We can also make aromatherapy candles ourselves.

Mason Jars as container for tissues, makeup, and toiletries

These design jars look great on their own. Just add some bright accents with acrylic paints, makeup, tissue and bathroom storage problems solved.

Lamp container

Not only illuminating, a lamp must also be able to make a beautiful home interior. With the mason jar, the lamp can be not only functional, but also an element of decoration.

Mini aquarium and terrarium

A mini aquarium can be a decoration and make the house fresher. Just enter the pool stones, sea animal-shaped toys, and water. Then for the tetarium enthusiast! Make a mini tetarium with soil, sand, gravel and plants.

Wedding decoration

Wedding decorations are usually made of expensive items, but you can make wedding decorations from a mason jar. Besides being easy to find, the method is also very easy. Able to save a little on expenses when holding a wedding.

Children toys container

Of course children have a lot of things at home. Tidying up these items really makes the house more comfortable. Invite your kids to learn how to tidy up things, and to make them interested, invite them to decorate the mason jars themselves. They can also make decorations by including the toys they like.

Drinks container

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It’s no secret that mason jars are used as beverage containers. With its beautiful shape and large capacity, this jar becomes a constant companion when thirst start to hit.

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Sea reminder

Collecting shells, corals, starfish and more is a very fun activity for both kids and us adults while on the beach. Of course, these items need to be stored in a place so that your room doesn’t get cluttered. Use your mason jar to store all of that and categorize (optional). Decorate this jar to make it more beautiful and pleasant to look at so that memories of the beach can be your mood booster.

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