14 ultra original ideas for a Christmas decoration without a tree!

For lack of space, lack of budget or ecological convictions, this year, you will not install a natural tree. So, discover 10 alternatives to make a Christmas decoration without a tree.

With nearly 5 million trees sold each year in France, the Christmas tree tradition is not without impact on the environment. Whether it’s for ecological convictions, lack of space, budget or simply because you want to innovate and get started in creation, discover 10 inspiring and original ideas to create a Christmas tree without falling for the traditional conifer.

1. Christmas tree-shaped candles to replace the real one

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple? Instead of investing in a real tree, opt for a string of Christmas tree shaped candles. Practical, decorative and economical, these trees will also allow you to save space on the living room.

2. A Christmas decoration without a tree thanks to a garland on the wall

In addition to being a real space-saving alternative to celebrate Christmas in a small space , the wall tree infuses your interior with an ultra original note. In general, this one comes in the form of wall decorations: colorful stickers still  fairy lights , which simply need to be fixed with the help of tacks. Thus, your luminous tree will have nothing to envy to the classic conifers.

3. A decorative bouquet

No room for a Christmas tree ? Go into nature to collect some pretty wooden branches . Gather everything in a very decorative vase and sprinkle the branches in question with some pretty Christmas balls . And here it is, you will have a sort of mini tree where to put the few Christmas presents on D-Day.

4. A ladder

The end of year celebrations are approaching and you only have a simple ladder  to decorate your interior and recreate the magic of Christmas? No problem! We lean the famous ladder against the wall, hang pretty Christmas balls with beautiful ribbons, festive postcards for an arty touch, light garlands and why not fir branches for the green note that will complete the look. together.

5. Under a bell to replace the tree

If you have a nice buffet available in the living room, don’t hesitate to decorate it to create a nice little Christmas scene. A few balls under a decorative bell, mini paper Christmas trees here and there will be enough to breathe a festive air into the living room.

6. A drawn Tree

Are you more of a minimalist type, even when it comes to the holiday season?¬†Here is an alternative to the tree that should suit you … Put up a blank canvas and simply draw your ideal Christmas tree.¬†For more personality, decorate your work with a few festive accessories, ranging¬†from Christmas balls¬†to the famous star.¬†In addition to being ultra creative, this idea is truly anchored in the air.

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7. A Christmas decoration with a string of paper Christmas trees

At first glance, a paper tree is not the most enchanting alternative there is. But that’s without counting on its decorative potential once colored! In addition to being an ecological and fully recyclable Christmas decoration , the paper tree is available in a multitude of sizes and colors, all ready to embellish your decor. We do not hesitate to accumulate the various paper trees to recreate a forest as modern as it is decorative.

8. A stepladder as a Christmas tree

Do you think that stepladder that has been lying around for ages in your cupboards is only useful during DIY Sundays? Nay! Recycle it to make an ultra original Christmas tree. And for good reason, once opened, it naturally takes the shape of a triangle, which is not unlike that of the tree. Wrap the string lights around the stool, make hang some balls and now he is ready to welcome the gifts to his foot! 

9. A hanging as a Christmas tree

For Christmas as for everyday life, the walls are a wonderful medium to express your desires of the moment. Use the living room wall to bring the Christmas spirit into the friendliest room of the house thanks to the presence of a pretty textile hanging.

10. A small decorative tree as a Christmas tree

This year, you neither want nor need to install a large traditional Christmas tree? We found the ideal solution for you! Minimalist but effective, bet on an ultra refined metal decoration that imitates the shape of a conifer. To instill a festive atmosphere, hang some decorations on it such as mini balls or pine cones collected from the garden. Here is an idea ultra easy to adopt!

11. A Christmas tree to hang

Do you like the rather traditional and warm Christmas decoration? Opt for a hanging wooden tree . Ultra easy to make, you just have to collect a few branches of different sizes and assemble them with rope so that it takes the shape of a conifer. All you have to do is decorate your creation with small colored or golden decorations. And there you have it, you just have to hang your little wooden tree!

12. A Christmas decoration thanks to shelves

During the holiday season, nothing is more depressing than a bare white wall. So we do not hesitate to dress its walls! As here, we try to create a completely unusual Christmas tree by arranging a bench and shelves to imitate the shape of a conifer. We install a host of decorative accessories, ranging from simple vases to storage boxes , we do not forget the star and voila!

13. A designer wooden Christmas tree

What could be more obvious than a small wooden Christmas tree when you are tired of the traditional tree.  In addition to having a crazy allure, the branches of this little tree, which breaks traditional codes, are modular and turn as desired.  Naked or dressed in Christmas balls and other garlands , you can paint it to further personalize it.

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14. An artificial Christmas tree

Tired of picking up the eternal thorns? Has your cat decided that the Christmas tree has become his private amusement park? But, is it out of the question that you give up the Christmas tree and its enchanting air? Bet everything on the artificial tree . Infinitely reusable but not necessarily green, choose it in an original color and shape, decorate it as if it were a real one and voila. More than to repackage it to release it next year and then the year after.

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